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My Family
           My closet family consist of twelve people. They include my two younger brothers Michael and Joshua Hebert, my mom Rubie Cook, her father and my grandfather Melton D. Cook. The other side of my family includes my dad Richard Hebert, his mother and my grandmother Adeline Hebert, my aunts Debra McDonner,and Patricia Hebert, my uncles Robert Hebert and Donald Gill, and my first cousins Brandy McDonner and Amber Gill. Now this is just my close family there is alot more where that came from. These are the people that I cand go to whenever something is wrong. They are the people I can count on when times are tough.That is why I am proud to put these people on my web site. I know that they will be there for me in everything that I do. I can count on them when times are good and ofcourse when times pre tough.
                                                      Chad A. Hebert